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For Hosting Providers:
How to increase customer retention...?

As a Hosting Service provider, your business is growing and it becomes more and more difficult to retain customers who are demanding more flexibility and more control over the resources they are using. Virtual Service Provider solution helps you through Automation, Self-tracking and Statistics.

With Automation and self-service applications, customers feel more in control and empowered to make their own decision when it comes to signing-up for more or less resources or migrating from one to another platform.’s Virtual service provider solution helps hosting providers improve customer service, reduce support costs and deliver valuable services faster, leading to higher customer retention rates.


For ISP - Internet Service Providers:
How can automation help...?

As an Internet Service provider (ISP), your business is growing and it becomes more and more difficult to ensure you are able to provide the best possible service to thousands of your customers. Virtual Service Provider solution enables you to meet this challenge head on through Automation.

Automation dramatically reduces the costly manual efforts spent on customer sign-up, service provisioning, billing and answering simple support questions. Automation will help you to increase the profitability of web hosting by reducing personnel and customer support costs to the lowest levels possible.

Automation allows an unlimited number of customers to come directly to your web site to purchase web hosting services. A welcome letter is automatically sent by email and their account automatically set-up. Your customer will be able to plan and use required services when they want by using the automated Self-service provisioning portal. By a simple click, a new service is automatically activated and your customers will start to use it. All this is also reflected on the integrated billing reporting. From then on, your customers as well as you will know exactly what they are using and when and at what cost. Automatic billing will ensure timely and accurate follow-up of each account.

All this Automation will allow you to increase your profitability, refocus on your core business and reduce dramatically your administrative tasks.


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How can I reduce manual efforts and focus on my business?





For ASP - Application Service Providers
How to offer more value added services...?

As an Application Internet Service provider (ASP), you have invested significant effort and capital to develop your own trademark, brand and service and captured your customers loyalty through the quality of your services. You now need to offer more value added internet services while maintaining your profitability. Virtual Service Provider solution allows you to plan and deliver new internet services to your customers with your own Private label and pricing. The new services are completely integrated into your own services. While your customers will be able to sign-up for new services on-line they will also continue to recognize the quality of services they have come to expect from your own offering.

Through integration, personalization and automation, the Virtual Service Provider allows you to offer very quickly a new set of integrated services while continuing to increase your profit.




How can I offer more to my customers and still been profitable?


For Telcos:
How to deliver new services...?

The challenge for Telecom Carriers, Cable Operators or Service Providers with or without Internet infrastructure is how to get or stay into the market for highly demanded Internet services – immediately and without huge investments. The competition is increasing, customers’ demands are exploding and investors want returns.’s partnership programs offer outsourced solution and value-added services to service providers with your own private-labelling and flexible outsourcing options. Neither need for big investments, nor recruiting expensive IT talent. Just focus on adding new services to your customers.




How can I quickly deliver to my customers new competitive services?


For Corporate IT Departments:
How to meet the demands for new technology...?

Every enterprise faces increasing demands of their business to deliver more services over the internet while worrying about the already quite significant IT infrastructure - whether provisioning servers for new applications, maintaining hundreds of servers, protecting them against security breaches, or making changes to multi-tier applications. Is the only solution for IT organizations to keep up with these demands to over staff costly operations and acquire more technology? Is there time for this? How long will it take: weeks, months?. Virtual service provider solution offers both a outsourced alternative as well as Automation. This will allow IT organization to reallocate IT staff to more strategic initiatives and deliver more services to the business and the customers.





How can I meet the always raising demand for new technology in my company without investing a lot more?


For Consulting and systems integrators:
How to offer customers more options...?

Implementation companies such as system integrators and consultants continue to offer to their customers cost-efficient alternatives with best best-of-breed technology and internet services. Increasingly, outsourced alternatives are retained for cost reasons and timeliness. works with systems integrators in delivering to their customers a world-class solution with full Automation (from account sign-up to security automation) and industry strength platforms and data centers.




How can I offer industry strengh solutions to my customers within their real budgets and timelines?


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