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Our solution reflect three important concepts : Industry Strength, Outsourcing and Flexibility.

1. Industry Strength:

Virtual Service Provider industry-leading solutions are backed by a web-based, real-time, Services Platform. This web secure, carrier class platform enables our clients to provide 24/7 end user service from anywhere in the world.

To ensure uptime, web servers are industrial grade machines designed for a 24/7 web serving environment. All servers are equipped with hot swappable drives, dual-redundant power supplies and force-filtered cooling systems. Plus, an exceptional technical team delivers to clients the quick, accurate technical support they need for their dedicated servers.

Proven Scalability

Built for growth, our system architecture is able to efficiently handle expanding end user bases. The comprehensive design of the system allows for subscriber growth to occur seamlessly without interruption to services.

World Class Data Center and Connectivity

Our Solution scale across multiple datacenters. Presenzia uses 3 different datacenters in USA and Europe. Presenzia is connected to the main internet backbones in USA and Europe with BGP4 routing protocol that guarantee data transmission with the least possible latency. These centers provide the ultimate in security, reliability and technology.

Service Level Agreement

Unprecedented availability. We ensure our clients and their end users get the highest quality of service in the industry, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Unique Linux - Windows hybrid platform

Presenzia integrate in a single platform the most important hosting OS (Linux and Windows 2000). Both OS runs over industrial grade machines designed for a 24/7 web serving environment

Professional Operations Management

The operational aspects of the architecture - from the data center facilities to the servers - are handled with the highest level of professionalism. This includes higher-than-industry standard for operating procedures and performance reporting.


2. Outsourcing:

The challenges of an internally managed IT infrastructure, combined with the challenge of hiring and retaining skilled IT staff, force Internet providers to lose focus on their core competencies : providing competitive services to its customers with the highest customer satisfaction while remaining profitable.

Companies will decide to outsource for cost savings, timeliness and easy expansion. Concerned with growing their business, they will turn to outsourced services as an alternative to building expensive IT infrastructure to provide new services or applications for its customers.


3. Flexibility:

While our solutions are specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of outsourced Internet services, we let you tailor the services by defining your own plans and integrating your own applications. Virtual Service Provider solution allows you to plan and deliver new internet services to your customers with your own Private label and pricing. The new services are completely integrated into your own services. While your customers will be able to sign-up for new services on-line they will also continue to recognize the quality of services they have come to expect from your own offering.

Through integration, personalization and automation, the Virtual Service Provider allows you to offer very quickly a new set of integrated services while continuing to increase your profit.





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