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Providers of internet and e-business services, either launching or expanding their business, are constantly faced with technological shifts, new demands from their customers and an ever decreasing margin per unit. The number of subscribers is in the thousands but the challenge to make each customer a profitable one is ever increasing. How can a service provider continue to offer competitive Internet services to an increasing number of subscribers quickly, without long times, high expenses, or large investments and generate competitive margins?. is one of the first in offering an outsourced solution that helps providers meet their goals: automate their business, generate new competitive services and reduce operational costs. Bottom line, service providers can focus on their business and profits!

Our powerful and comprehensive outsourced solution, the Virtual Service Provider, allows companies to react quickly to market shifts and continuously evolve by adding new services and delivering cost-effective revenue-generating Internet services. The results are:

  • Increased ROI
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Reduced annual IT infrastructure and operating costs
  • Overcome manpower & existing technology infrastructure limitations
  • Improved service quality
  • Increased customer retention
  • Rapid time-to-market
  • New revenue enhancement opportunities
  • Continued competitive edge


Our Approach distinguishes itself by its unique approach of partnership and dedication to a world-class service.

Partnering for a win-win

From the very beginning, we had very clear that we did not want to compete with service providers. We create a partnership and tailor to your needs and your own customer strategy. We join you in improving performance and quality of service and we share your success when your customers sign-up for more services and when you grow. No up-fronts. No investments. A win-win proposal.

Outsource as a reliable alternative

The quality, flexibility and reliability of your services are also key concerns to us. With our world-class solution, we make sure that through outsourcing, you benefit from the costs savings, rapid response and reliability you come to expect from an outsourced alternative. You can focus on your core competencies while we dedicate ourselves to maximum automation and highest reliability.





Our Approach

"The demand for robust e-business solutions places more and more complicated requirements on hosting services and infrastructures….They just do not want to acquire the skills needed for the care and feeding of the servers, database engines, and network appliances. Outsourcing is the way to go..."

Aberdeen Group



"There is 30 to 40 percent cost savings to be realized by outsourcing hosting - and too many companies are overlooking this..."

Jupiter Research



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